I'm Iwan

Currently, I am running coderfit.com


I moved to Zurich to work in IT and I love it.
If you want to get a feel, what it's like to live here, check out my story that made it on the first page of Hackernews: Eight reasons why I moved to Switzerland to work in IT.


i do

Apart from coding in Python and Javascript, I dabble around with Elm, Scala, Ocaml and other cool technologies.

On evenings, I try to be social and you might bump into me on some meetups in Zurich.

Also, I run a tiny tech recruiting agency.

At Europython 2016, I gave a talk on how to make tech recruiting suck less:

Here is another talk I gave at JSCraftCamp in Munich:

I want to meet more people in Switzerland.

Do you live in Zurich?

Let's meet up!

Here's my offer: I buy you a coffee and we talk about whatever it is you're passionate about.

Tell me about your